The best composite veneers in Sydney

Composite Veneers in Sydney

The best composite veneers in SydneyOver time due to technological advancements, a lot of dental procedures are continuously being improved and upgraded.

Thus, if you want to enhance the look or the colour of your teeth, go ahead because we offer composite veneer teeth in Sydney.

Composite veneers in Sydney are a great substitute for porcelain veneers, also referred to as Composite Bonding because they are thin coatings or artificial covering placed on teeth surfaces to improve their appearance.

However, appealing as it may sound there is always the composite veneers pros and cons, for nothing is perfect, there is always a good side and a bad side in everything, even in veneers.

It is true that composite veneers look a lot like a porcelain veneer at a more affordable price, it can also be built directly on the mouth and it is done with a less aggressive procedure compared to other methods like dental crowns.

However, teeth sensitivity may occur after the procedure, and over time the colour of the veneer could change. Also, you need to be careful when you bite hard food, because debonding of the veneer may occur.

Some people with dental veneers on their tooth cannot bite hard food such as apples, guavas and meat, using their front tooth to prevent damaging the veneer.

Always keep in mind that a veneer may look a lot like your tooth or even better, but unlike your tooth they are much more fragile, so be very mindful of what you eat, for it might completely ruin your veneer.